Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work in Progress

The Knicks owners must have read my first blog because Melo is bringing in the cash. I watched my second full Knicks game this season on Wednesday and what a spectacle it was. The introductions were NBA Finals-esque and there were plenty of new #7 jerseys in the Garden. But, is the trade going good for the team chemistry and win record? Well the Knicks are now 1-1 after losing the Cavaliers. So I'd have to say they are not there yet. It has been said from long time Knicks fans that this trade was not good for the team. I will have to disagree - at least for now. They are a work in progress. There is no denying that the team has talent but they are not meshing yet as they should be to be atop the Eastern division. A top team needs to step up on rebounds and defense, the Knicks are not doing that. So they go back to the drawing board, to work on the basics of team chemistry and making sure the transitions from offense to defense will work out. One exception is that they are about 20 games out from the end of the season and they should not be in training camp.

On Sunday, the Knicks go up against the Heat - another team with a lot of expectations - Who will come out on top?

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  1. Melo, and big shot were a steal, The Knicks finally won the BIG TRADE! I think if the Knicks can make a couple of nice wire pickups, they can compete this year... a lot of people probably can't remember but in the 90's a number 1 got outed by number 8! in the first round, if a team gets hot, and plays hard it is possible, while the knicks are not deep, they do have guys who can kill people.