Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We all knew Cam would go in top 10...

...but now the guy is going to be working out at NFL's Scouting Combine starting this weekend and running through to March 1. The ex-Auburn quarterback and Heisman trophy winner stated that he will fully participate in the combine and this only adds to the possibility of being the draft's first pick. With increasing interest in the draft over the past few years, Cam Newton is going in to the combine confident he will showcase what he needs to do NFL's scouting personnel and medical staff. He is showing that he wants to work for his place in the NFL - because we all knew Cam would go in the top 10. What does that say about his work ethic? Says a lot. What does that say about his commitment to being a great quarterback in the league? Says a lot. Listen, I am not Cam Newton groupie but you have to admire a guy who is out there doing what he needs to do to be a top pick and start his career in the NFL. Now, let's just hope he doesn't go out there and strain something - that would be an unfortunate occasion. Overall, I think his determination to be "just one of the guys" at the combine this Thursday says a lot. The fame hasn't gone to his head - yet.

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  1. Meet "I am an Icon" Cam(era),"ham" Newton. Nothing scares off people more than a big mouth and he has one. He did great for so long, with the humble act that I tried to forgive him this indiscretion. Admittedly I wish he was a Seahawk but humility goes a long way towards building a team, and character. It's obvious "ham" is a character, the question is, what kind of team mate he would be. Seahawkfan4life @Soulful1-twitter