Monday, February 28, 2011

He is "Mr. Big Shot"

Chauncey Billups.

Mr. Big Shot.

NBA Finals MVP.

NBA Champion with the Detroit Pistons.

5x NBA All-Star.

I could stop this thing right there. I could. There is no reason to really continue, but I will. He has been in the NBA for 14 years & has been very consistent over most of the time he's played in the league. Instead of throwing out a bunch of facts & stats, which by the way I am huge on, I am just gonna say this: Why would anyone think that Chauncey Billups was just a throw in with that deal New York made for Chauncey Billups? New York knew what they were doing when he was added to the trade. Chauncey said it best last night, Mike D'Antoni's system is different from any that he has played in during his time in the league. But it is going to be the most effective. Guaranteed. Fact is, he is not a throw in. Never will be. I have always thought of Chauncey as being like Ray Allen. He just knows what to do to make the guys around him better & contribute with scoring. Chauncey is like Ray, they are both clutch. Don't believe me? Did you miss the game yesterday? Its the one thing that is different from Lebrick James, the "Prince" as Skip Bayless calls him. He couldn't get it done, but Chauncey can.

This reminds me of the movie How High. At the end of the movie, Lark Voorhies tells her boyfriend that he can't possibly satisfy her anymore. Then Method Man chimes in with one of the greatest lines ever, "But I can..." As he smiles. That is like Chauncey. He can get it done because he has. Nuff Said...

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Guest Blog: Inside One Fan's Mind Part 2

Greetings Draft friends one and all, except Raiders fans, just kidding.

In this installment I bring you the dreaded AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers—PICKS 1.31, 2.31, 3.31, 4.31, 5.31, 6.31, 7.30

Having played in a great Super bowl these guys do not need much as they were a play away from winning the Lombardi trophy for the 3rd time in the last decade. That said, they need to get better and younger on the offensive line, OT and Guard are the 2 big holes, and they can also use a CB. Depending upon how the combine goes this week and with due diligence by Steelers, which not many do it better since the Draft started than Pitt, I believe they will take 6’7 327 - 2010: Outland Trophy winner ...consensus All-American ... Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year…

OT Gabe Carimi University of Wisconsin with the #31 Pick

Cleveland Browns PICKS--1.6, 2.5, 3.6, 4.5, 5.6, 6.3 (from DEN), 6.5

As one of only 2 original football teams to never make the Super bowl, 4 total if you include Jacksonville and the Texans in the equation, the Browns still have a great fan base, and the team is becoming better. They have major needs at NT after dropping Shaun Rodgers; I am not sure why he was cut other than being a knucklehead, but he was a dominant force at NT and in a 3-4 Defense that is the QB! Besides NT, OL and ILB, S could all be addressed. The Browns should look to address safety and ILB in FA, and with the 6 pick

DT Nick Fairley Auburn 2010 Lombardi Award, college football's best lineman.

Cincinnati Bengals PICKS--1.4, 2.3, 3.2, 4.4, 5.3, 6.2, 7.4

The Bengals are good every couple of years and they could be good again this year if they can make some tough moves. I would cut Chad 85! And Sign a WR, this would be an addition by subtraction of a detraction from concentration. Without the “talented two” wideouts, the Cinci went 2 and 2. The main needs for the cats to become BENGALS are, OLINE, DLINE and WR. In my opinion I suggest they take (and since they’re not paying me this is free information),

6’4 and 212 lbs WR, AJ Green from GEORGIA, at #4 in the Draft

I usually do not like gambling on WR in the top 10, this is a sure bet, and possible OROY!! And may keep Carson Palmer in Orange and Black for a few more seasons.

Baltimore Ravens PICKS--1.26, 2.26, 3.26, 4.26, 5.26, 6.26, 7.22 (from PHI), 7.25

Baltimore is loaded plain and simple, and must fear Ray Lewis and Ed Reed running out of gas. The Ravens have a very talented if old team, with one of the worst cornerback tandems in the NFL. The only reason they grade out higher is because of their talented front 7. The Ravens but should look to address RT as they keep the BLINDSIDE protected with Mike Oher. Additionally, they need to upgrade at G, C, OLB, S and CB to round out their positions of need with depth for these birds. With the #26 pick the Ravens should select 6’3 264 OLB Justin Houston from Georgia. 

In 2010 he had 10 sacks, and his stock is flying, a good run and I believe he will be a perfect fit in Baltimore.

And there you have it, my picks for the AFC North. Follow me on twitter @chargerjroc and let me know what you think.

- Anthony J. Ciano

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work in Progress

The Knicks owners must have read my first blog because Melo is bringing in the cash. I watched my second full Knicks game this season on Wednesday and what a spectacle it was. The introductions were NBA Finals-esque and there were plenty of new #7 jerseys in the Garden. But, is the trade going good for the team chemistry and win record? Well the Knicks are now 1-1 after losing the Cavaliers. So I'd have to say they are not there yet. It has been said from long time Knicks fans that this trade was not good for the team. I will have to disagree - at least for now. They are a work in progress. There is no denying that the team has talent but they are not meshing yet as they should be to be atop the Eastern division. A top team needs to step up on rebounds and defense, the Knicks are not doing that. So they go back to the drawing board, to work on the basics of team chemistry and making sure the transitions from offense to defense will work out. One exception is that they are about 20 games out from the end of the season and they should not be in training camp.

On Sunday, the Knicks go up against the Heat - another team with a lot of expectations - Who will come out on top?

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Marisa aka The First Lady

Friday, February 25, 2011

UFC 127!!!

Well it's time, IT'S TIMMMEEEE!!!!!! The UFC makes its way down to Australia for UFC 127 Live & only on ppv on Saturday February 26th from Acer Arena. Anyone that know me knows how much I love the world of MMA, most notably the UFC. For those of you who aren't familiar with the UFC, have you been living under a rock? WTF? Get with it. It is the fastest growing sport in the United States. But anyway, I digress.

What I would like to do now is the same thing as I do on my YouTube channel for every UFC PPV event. Predict. I love to predict these fights, mainly cause I'm pretty good at it. The last UFC PPV I correctly predicted all 5 fights. It was a glorious night. Now without further ado, & really quick, here is how I see them going.

Kyle Noke over Chris Camozzi
Chris Lylte over Brian Ebersole
George Sotiropoulos over Dennis Siver
Michael Bisping over Jorge Rivera
John Fitch over BJ Penn

Make sure that if you want some good analysis & more in depth previews for all the fights on the card, make sure to go here to check out my predictions video to learn more.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

NBA Trade Deadline: Biggest Winners & Losers This Year...

Its hard to think that the NBA can change so dramatically in a 24 hour period. But it happened. It was like, at the last minute, or final hour, the NBA made all these changes that most fans didn't see coming & likely didn't approve of. At first anyway. But let's look at the bigger picture shall we? Most teams know by now whether or not they are a real "contender" for the NBA title in 2011. And it should be obvious at this point who are the top 6 teams in the league. Spurs, Celtics, Heat, Mavs, Lakers & Bulls. In that order, at least from where I sit. But that doesn't mean that these teams know they aren't suffering at some capacity. Spurs & Celtics have a lot of age. Celtics & Bulls are dealing with a lot injuries that is holding them back I feel from being even better. Lakers are having all kinds of problems staying focused. Heat has the inexperience of their big 3 playing together. Then there is the Mavs. Well, they have never been constant. Ever. I mean look at the only time they got to the finals. They were 2-0 in the series against the Heat & lost 4 straight to lose the NBA title. But enough for that, lets look at some trades.

Just today there have been many team altering trades, some shake the foundation of the organization. Cavs got in early on the day & made some surprising moves: Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the Clippers for Baron Davis and a 2011 first-round draft pick & second round pick to the Celtics for Luke Harangody and Semih Erden. Getting Baron Davis is not a great move with losing Mo Williams, who can light up from 3 point range at will. But making the trade with the Celtics gives them depth & a good looking future.

Timerwolves lost Corey Brewer to the Knicks but get Eddie Curry. In my eyes, the T'Wolves come out good on this move.

Kings sent Carl Laundry to the Hornets for Marcus Thronton. There is no question that the Hornets came out on top with this trade. Let's face it, the Kings have one thing that always sets them back: bad trades. The Kings ownership are always looking to make the most with paying the littlest possible. It just don't work that way. They never learn.

Wizards sent Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong to the Hawks for Mike Bibby, Maurice Evans, Jordan Crawford and a 2011 first-round pick. Mike Bibby just can't get any love anymore it looks like. Bibby can make a difference & would have in Atlanta. But now, with John Wall, will definitely make one in Washington. I think this is really a pretty even trade for all involved.

Memphis sent Hasheem Thabeet and a first-round pick to Houston for Shane Battier and Ish Smith. I LOVE this trade for Memphis, who seem to be always getting a little better every year. Being relatively close to Memphis, I have been quitely rooting for them for years. When Iverson was traded there I was ecstatic. That didn't last long. Let's hope Shane Battier does work.

Along with sending Erden & Harangody to the Cavs, the Celtics also sent Kendrick Perkins & Nate Robinson to the OKC Thunder for Jeff green & Nenad Krstic. Now being a HUGE Celtics fan, I hated all these trades. Fact is, there is something about all these guys they traded that I love & think adds to the team. However, Danny Ainge felt differently. Now he said this is a business & he is trying to build for the future. I agree. But it don't mean that I gotta like it. Then to make matters worse, they sent Marquis Daniels to the Kings for a future 2nd round pick. The guy has a spinal bruise & is going to be out most of if not the rest of the year. I think it is just a bad treatment to a guy that could have serious problems now that he sustained for the team to be traded. But then again, C's are my team & I have a vested interest in what they do. Like it or love it, & I am going to criticize. Just who I am.

Of course the Nets scored Deron Williams from the Jazz. Do we even need to explain how that looks. Nets got a great move that is going to benefit them, that is if D-Will signs an extension with them. Unlikely though. But maybe they can move him later & again get something even better down the road to help them rebuild going forward. D-Will, whether anyone wants to agree with it or not, the reason that Jerry Sloan retired from the Jazz. So in the last month, the Jazz lost their franchise coach & their franchise player. Seems to me like the Jazz's stock is going way down this season. Usually when a teams stock falls that fast, it usually takes a few years to get back to being a decent team again. Then perhaps even a few more years to get back into contention. Don't get me wrong, the Jazz still have a good team, but let's face it. That was Deron Williams they traded. One of the top 3 point guards in the league. Rose & perhaps Rondo being in front of him. Dude can make everyone around him good. That is why he is a top point guard. He can get it done.

Then there is Melo. He is the big name that had to make a move. Had tons of "Melo drama" over the last few months. I blogged about it on my site a week ago before move was made. But The Knicks have to be the overall winner of the NBA trades for best move. Fact is, they got Melo. One of the top 5 players in the NBA. Plus they got Chauncey Billups. Which, whether you believe it or not, is going to be a great asset for them. Did you hear the response he got from the crowd at the MSG? They love him & he is going to be a great leader for that team. People need to think of them as the big 3 in New York now, to go along with Boston, Miami & others in the East.

As a result of the trades, the East is now so stacked. I'll let you decide on who the real winners & losers are after this. Cause in the end, you are going to make up your own mind. But that is how its supposed to be. Cause these are your teams. Love em or hate em, this us your league. Lets your voices be heard...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Blog: Inside One Fan's Mind

by Anthony Ciano aka MOOSE

I recently read that the NFL doesn’t have an off-season. While this may be true, the
time between the Super Bowl until the combine, then up until the NFL Draft, followed by the
wait for camp, are much like mini off-seasons for yours truly. Unlike years past, the players
wait for camp this year with bated breath because they do not have a labor agreement in place for the upcoming football season. This affects everyone in the NFL industry; players, coaches, support staff and networks even. It is for selfish reasons I mention the labor issue, as players can’t be traded for draft picks without a new CBA. I am a Chargers fan (living in New York) and we sit on Vincent Jackson, whose rights we own and franchise tagged this year, but who last season proved that rights do not mean the player will play. There are other teams in this boat; the Redskins with McNabb and Haynesworth; Young with the Titans; and even perhaps Kolb with the Eagles, could all get moved on or by the 28th of April if there is a new CBA on the table. This will all greatly affect the NFL Draft and a lot of “War Rooms,” the teams drafting chambers, where they plot and plan to orchestrate drafts and trades trying to better their team for the upcoming season.

What follows are each team picks and needs, with a pre-combine mock draft. Until I get hired by an NFL team I can only utilize what I hear on the radio, watch on television, or read from the internet newspapers. I try and analyze like a chess GM and figure out who is going to be where, so I can plan, trade, and come out on top.

The Buffalo Bills
PICKS -- 1.3, 2.2, 3.4, 4.3, 4.25 (from SEA), 5.2, 6.4, 7.3 This team can
go 2 ways, draft a QB or take the “bpa” (best player available) every round because they have so many other holes. They could trade for a good veteran QB. Key free agent Safety Donte Witner, if they do not sign him, becomes an additional need. I would go with a QB as my greatest need and the biggest risk in this draft. I would try and trade down to about the 12 pick but that it is hard to do, because the higher picks carry a lot of value, along with a lot of salary. I do not believe any QB is worth the 3 pick right now and with that said, as my first pick in the first round at number 3, I take Marcel Dareus DL from Alabama, roll tide.

The Miami Dolphins
PICKS--1.15, 3.15, 4.14, 5.15, 6.14, 7.14, 7.15 (from JAX)
This team has no idea who the QB is, and their RB position is banged up and become old these last few years. I believe Mark Ingram, also from Alabama, makes the most sense here. They can draft a QB in the next round, perhaps a trade back into the late 1st when a Jake Locker might be available in the 20s. Perhaps between he and Chad Henne, the Dolphins may have a QB for the foreseeable future. They do need a  Center, but there should be one later in the draft as well.

The New England Patriots
PICKS--1.17 (from OAK), 1.28, 2.1 (from CAR), 2.28, 3.10 (from MIN), 3.28, 4.28, 5.28, 6.24 (from NO)
This team just reloads, and doesn’t miss a beat; look for them to be a contender for a long time, or until Lombardi, I mean Belichick retires. O line, OLB and RB are best 3 upgrades for this team and Von Miller, Texas A&M, would be perfect fit for them in the 1st Round.

The New York Jets
PICKS--1.30, 3.30, 4.29, 5.30, 6.29, 7.5 (from ARI)
How can you not love this team? I mean they spend by trading up and signing free agents, trying to do whatever it takes to build a winner. But they’ve fallen short twice these last 2 years in their quest for a Super Bowl victory. Depending upon where the chips fall this year this team could take a big step backwards. They have a lot of high ticket free agents with only 2 picks in the top 100. Sanchez isn’t the most accurate QB in the league, although he does appear to be clutch and they have 2 big name WR both wanting to get paid. With the 30 I would go RT as this will be great value, or possibly NT. Knowing the Jets though, they could buy most of their needs and draft depth. Titus Young Boise state would be a fine WR and good value at 30, but expect the coach to go DE.

I'll be back soon with more draft coverage. Follow me on twitter @chargerjroc and let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We all knew Cam would go in top 10...

...but now the guy is going to be working out at NFL's Scouting Combine starting this weekend and running through to March 1. The ex-Auburn quarterback and Heisman trophy winner stated that he will fully participate in the combine and this only adds to the possibility of being the draft's first pick. With increasing interest in the draft over the past few years, Cam Newton is going in to the combine confident he will showcase what he needs to do NFL's scouting personnel and medical staff. He is showing that he wants to work for his place in the NFL - because we all knew Cam would go in the top 10. What does that say about his work ethic? Says a lot. What does that say about his commitment to being a great quarterback in the league? Says a lot. Listen, I am not Cam Newton groupie but you have to admire a guy who is out there doing what he needs to do to be a top pick and start his career in the NFL. Now, let's just hope he doesn't go out there and strain something - that would be an unfortunate occasion. Overall, I think his determination to be "just one of the guys" at the combine this Thursday says a lot. The fame hasn't gone to his head - yet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tis' the Season...

As I sit here with snow falling around me I only have one thing on my mind... What is that you ask? Baseball. America's pastime. The sport with the richest history out of any professional US sport. A lot of people who haven't known me my whole life wonder why I'm such a fan of the sport. I'm you knew my up bringing you would understand why. I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Wisconsin and baseball was what we did and what we knew. For anybody that knows Wisconsin knows that the amazing summers are why all of us stick out the crappy winters. To me baseball is more then just a sport. It's a time of year, it's a season. To me it represents the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the warmer months.

As most of you know Spring Training started last week in both Florida and Arizona. This will be the first time in years that I won't be going to Brewers Spring Training in Maryvale, Arizona. You can bet money on it though that I'll be back next year. Living in Milwaukee now and living only 2 miles away from Miller Park Home of the Brewers, I not only hit about 35 to 40 games a year I also hold partial season tickets and have for the last 5 years. In Milwaukee baseball is a way of life. It's a calling. It's pretty much a prerequisite to live here. Now that Spring Training has started all everyone can talk about is opening day on April 4th and the start of the 2011 season. A season that may have more meaning then most people think...

I think most people agree that baseball, football and basketball are the top 3 sports in this great country we live in. And with looming lockouts next season in football and basketball; baseball could very well take center stage in October with the 2011 playoffs and the World Series. Baseball has had it's fair share of problems in the past whether it be the work stoppage during the '94 and '95 seasons or the steroid era in the late '90's... Major League Baseball has withstood a lot since it's creation in 1869. As we make our way into the 2011 season I feel baseball is in a perfect position right now especially with all the uncertainty in the other sports. As a baseball first fan I welcome the 2011 season with open arms and I invite anyone who wants to join me for the ride to jump on the bandwagon. Not only is my team (The Milwaukee Brewers) bringing a better team to the table in 2011, many other teams are following suit. The pitching staffs starting this season are some of the best I've seen in probably 15 years and the offenses are filled with some of the heaviest hitters in the game ever. In a couple weeks I'm planning on having a season preview and I will do my best to break it all down for you...

Until then feel free to follow me on twitter at @danwenzel aka Zel and join me in conversation about the upcoming season. Spring is on it's way and what I feel is the best time of year. I promise...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why should NY bring in Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of trade talks in the New York - New Jersey area since the NBA season began. The Nuggets are reportedly asking for multiple players AND draft picks from the Knicks. Here's why I think they should bring Melo:

1. Selling out the Garden
Fans have been calling for Carmelo a lot this season. Chanting "We Want Melo!" during games only proves that MSG will be a sellout if they bring Melo to NY. With Amar'e already bringing in more fans and celebrities this season, this would be profitable for all involved with the NYK. More tickets sold, more sellouts and more NY hype for the team will bring in the dough.

2. Jersey profits
No, not New Jersey. Jerseys with Melo's name and number on them will FLY off the shelfs. As I mentioned before, the Garden is calling for Melo and Melo will gladly be welcomed here.Fans will buy his jersey, shirts with Melo's likeness, etc. The longterm profit margin for his jerseys (as well as Billups' jerseys who is part of the current trade talks) will be beneficial for the NYK owners.

3. Melo wants to be in NY
He got married in NY, if that's not any indication that Melo loves NY then I don't know what is. Bottom line, the NY market gives players more publicity and higher probability of maximizing notoriety.

Ok yea, the reasons I stated above have nothing to do with his talent or the talent The Knicks would lose in Gallo, Curry, Felton, etc (If that happens). But, they are valid reasons for bringing in Carmelo Anthony and will benefit the NYK Nation overall. 

- Marisa
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Friday, February 18, 2011

The 30 Million dollar (a year) man

Every year we have a new group of athletes that need tons of money to play for a team that they say they love and want to play for their whole career.  To me if you love something you don’t need 30 million dollars a year to do it but if I could get 30 million a year you bet your ass I would be asking for it!  Lets look at this whole Albert Pujols situation.  People think that Big Al asking for 300 million over 10 years is freaking ridiculous which honestly to any of us who don’t make anywhere near 30 million a year you are right its crazy but in the world of professional sports it isn’t that crazy to expect to get 30 million a year.  Lets compare some other star athletes and their pay on a yearly basis and maybe this whole Pujols situation wont be so hard to comprehend.

Alex Rodriguez        

A-Rod made an amazing 250 million 10-year deal in 2000 that at the time was over 50 million more then the net closest player.  So Alex made 25 million a year and why did he get that contract?  Alex got this contract after being a 4x all-star no MVP’s, no golden gloves, and no world series wins. That being said in the years after his contract he has been a 9x all-star, 2x golden glove, won a ring and won the AL MVP 3xs.  Does that mean he was over paid? For a guy who plays day in and day out I don’t think that he got paid too much but who knows?

Carlos Zambrano

In 2010 Carlos made 19 million for what was probably his worst year ever.  This being said a pitcher only plays in about 1/5th of the games in a season.  Zambrano finished the season with a whooping 9-7 record.  If you do the math that is over 2 million bucks per win for the cubs.  Now the cubs haven’t had the greatest luck over the past 100 years but if you told me you would pay 2 million for a win in baseball where you play over 150 games I would tell you that you should be in a different business cause that’s not going to make you any damn money.

Tracy McGrady

In 2010 he made almost 24 million dollars and only played in 35 games! Tracy was a huge talent that seems to have been wasted.  T-Mac has never lived up to his full potential but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t gotten paid for it! T-Macs 24 million is more then Kobe Bryant’s salary.  If you were to ask anyone who should have been paid more last year between Kobe and T-Mac and you told me T-Mac then I would probably slap the shit out of you and tell you to stop pretending to watch sports.  Kobe didn’t make much less but he definitely did far more then Tracy did.

Now lets talk about the reason that Albert Pujols deserves management to at least consider paying him enough money that he could make castles out of silver dollars.  Since Pujols has been in the Majors he has won Rookie of the year, 9x all star, 3x NL MVP, 2xs golden glove, and his team has won a world series.  Do these numbers stack up to A-rods numbers? Well yes! Is Albert older then A-Rod when he got his ridiculous contract yes he is, but does that mean that he won’t have a better career? No, that doesn’t mean that at all.  Albert is one of the biggest faces in the MLB today.  He is one of the only power hitters of the last 10 years to not be accused of “juicing” and he has over 400 home runs in his career and he has a career .331 batting average which is .030 over A-Rods.  Based on inflation 250 million dollars in 2000 is the same as 320 million in 2011. So should Pujols at least make 300 million? I defiantly think he should be close to that.

  The cardinals opened a new ballpark in the 2006 season and went on to win a world series that same year.  If you want to build a half a billion-dollar ballpark you need to be able to fill that bad boy almost every game.  If you don’t have an Albert Pujols then who are you going to come watch? Anyone who isn’t a Cards fan please name me one more player on the roster? Anyone? You? No? Nothing? That’s what I thought.  People you fail to realize the difference in revenue that big Al brings to your franchise not only in ticket sales but also in merchandise sales.  What jersey do you sell besides the number 5 jersey (in case you didn’t know that is an Albert Pujols jersey)? If you don’t have butts in the stands then who buys the beers? Who eats the hotdogs? Who’s kid gets a huge giant foam finger? Yeah all of those things go into the decision-making processes for any businessman.  Which is exactly what the owners of any major sports team are.  They are businessmen and not just fans like you and me.  If they were fans like me and you they would have 4 new coaches a year, if you went into a slump your ass would be cut or traded, you would give out free beers, and probably run the franchise into the ground even worse then Matt Millen ran the lions into the ground.  Don’t get me wrong people I would love to have some form of influence into my teams “game plans” but then again I would only think with my heart and not my head or my checkbook! As much as we don’t want to admit it sports are a business and we are the consumers.  We pay for the tickets, buy the jerseys, drink the beers, watch the highlights and basically make sure that the players get paid.  So next time you hear about a player making more money in one year then most of us will make in our whole lives think of why that is.  You have to spend money to make money.

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