Monday, February 28, 2011

He is "Mr. Big Shot"

Chauncey Billups.

Mr. Big Shot.

NBA Finals MVP.

NBA Champion with the Detroit Pistons.

5x NBA All-Star.

I could stop this thing right there. I could. There is no reason to really continue, but I will. He has been in the NBA for 14 years & has been very consistent over most of the time he's played in the league. Instead of throwing out a bunch of facts & stats, which by the way I am huge on, I am just gonna say this: Why would anyone think that Chauncey Billups was just a throw in with that deal New York made for Chauncey Billups? New York knew what they were doing when he was added to the trade. Chauncey said it best last night, Mike D'Antoni's system is different from any that he has played in during his time in the league. But it is going to be the most effective. Guaranteed. Fact is, he is not a throw in. Never will be. I have always thought of Chauncey as being like Ray Allen. He just knows what to do to make the guys around him better & contribute with scoring. Chauncey is like Ray, they are both clutch. Don't believe me? Did you miss the game yesterday? Its the one thing that is different from Lebrick James, the "Prince" as Skip Bayless calls him. He couldn't get it done, but Chauncey can.

This reminds me of the movie How High. At the end of the movie, Lark Voorhies tells her boyfriend that he can't possibly satisfy her anymore. Then Method Man chimes in with one of the greatest lines ever, "But I can..." As he smiles. That is like Chauncey. He can get it done because he has. Nuff Said...

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  1. I liked this trade even more when I read he was a part of it. If the Knicks can add 1-2 wire moves, they will be dangerous, and look out when they add the 3rd piece.