Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why should NY bring in Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of trade talks in the New York - New Jersey area since the NBA season began. The Nuggets are reportedly asking for multiple players AND draft picks from the Knicks. Here's why I think they should bring Melo:

1. Selling out the Garden
Fans have been calling for Carmelo a lot this season. Chanting "We Want Melo!" during games only proves that MSG will be a sellout if they bring Melo to NY. With Amar'e already bringing in more fans and celebrities this season, this would be profitable for all involved with the NYK. More tickets sold, more sellouts and more NY hype for the team will bring in the dough.

2. Jersey profits
No, not New Jersey. Jerseys with Melo's name and number on them will FLY off the shelfs. As I mentioned before, the Garden is calling for Melo and Melo will gladly be welcomed here.Fans will buy his jersey, shirts with Melo's likeness, etc. The longterm profit margin for his jerseys (as well as Billups' jerseys who is part of the current trade talks) will be beneficial for the NYK owners.

3. Melo wants to be in NY
He got married in NY, if that's not any indication that Melo loves NY then I don't know what is. Bottom line, the NY market gives players more publicity and higher probability of maximizing notoriety.

Ok yea, the reasons I stated above have nothing to do with his talent or the talent The Knicks would lose in Gallo, Curry, Felton, etc (If that happens). But, they are valid reasons for bringing in Carmelo Anthony and will benefit the NYK Nation overall. 

- Marisa
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