Friday, March 4, 2011

What a fantastic week of sports we have had. We had lots of ups & many downs. It’s always exciting. That is why we watch, keep up with, discuss, argue, etc, etc about sports. But sometimes in sports there are a lot of uncertainties. This is my way of trying to clear things up. What I bring to you now is the top ten list. Though this week of sports has left a lot of questions, these are the things that I can see the clearest. So without further ado, here we go.

(Editor’s Note: These are in no specific order, as my writing is like my mind. Really random. Bare with me.)

1. Brandon Davies is going to be better off as a man by BYU suspending him from the basketball team. BYU has a strict honor code for a reason. Now I have nothing but respect for BYU & the honor code they have. It is set forth because they want to turn young men & women into the kind of people they need to be. At least in the eyes of BYU. It’s not like the honor code was just created yesterday. It has been around a long time. Now it was leaked that Davies had sex, which is a big no-no at the college. The college did the right thing & they are ok with it.

2. Lebron James sucks. Why I say that? Have you seen him? There is always all this talk that he is the best basketball player in the NBA, but sense he went to Miami, I haven’t even seen what I saw from him in Cleveland. Except he is trying to steal the spot light & take control on Wade’s team. Tell me I’m wrong. YOU CAN’T!

3. Kevin Garnett. Two sentences says it all. If he is on your team, the passion & intensity he brings is the greatest thing ever. If he is not on your team, there is no dirtier player in the NBA today. Just the facts. Glad he is on my team.

4. Cam will go top in the top 10, but not #1.

5. Bob Sanders can still get it done. He ain’t over yet. He will sign.

6. Bart Scott was on TNA. The problem is not him being on the show, but TNA having him on the show. TNA is reaching too much.

7. Carson Palmer will retire to get out of Cleveland. He has to do some drastic. It will work. Once the new CBA is agreed on, he will sign will another team by coming out of retirement. Hey, Brett Favre did it. Remember the Jets? Just saying.

8. The CBA has an extension for another week, but it’s not going to matter. This is not going to be resolved by then. Think about how long this has been coming. They knew for years. Why didn’t they come up with something before? Another week is not going to change a thing.

9. Tony Parker being out is not going to hurt the San Antonio Spurs. They are still going to be the #1 seed in the west going into the playoffs. In fact, Tony is even playing against the Heat as I type this. Guess he is back early.

10. Derrick Rose is THE MVP. No one has had a better year with such inconsistencies. Injuries have caused him to take control & lead the rest of the Bulls through the tough times in the season. Please, let’s not rob him for the Prince who can’t win shit. EVER!

That is the top ten things going on this week. Top ten to me. Which is all that matters, since I am writing, right?

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